Nikon D700 price down $500

Nikon d700

As March hit the calendar, Nikon’s D700 prices started to drop down, as it was rumored before.
First, they went down in Europe and it was followed in some USA stores now.
The camera stores started to lower down the prices with fear. The bravest of all was Cameta Camera, with their drop of $200 and Amazon with their D700 price of $2519.93.
One by one the big stores started to lower the prices as well. As I was writing this, the prices have changed several times, but now most of the stores has officially sell it for $2199. You can get yours from ADORAMA or AMAZON, where I buy my equipment, or choose one of the hundreds other stores available today.

Adorama Nikon D700

Should we expect the prices to go even further down? I think no.
Nikon will continue to produce this camera (as they say) and D800 hits the market soon, but many people will still prefer to get D700, because its excellent low-light/high ISO performance, which will keep the demand high.
But let’s face it – D800 has some big advantages and it’s definitely a step forward for both – still photography and videography.
I will continue to update the prices if thee is any change and will publish the lowest here. For those, who already made their purchase, I will say – take your camera and go shooting!

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