Skylum just officially announced AI Sky Replacement – the first killer feature of Luminar 4! The AI Sky Replacement tool in the upcoming version of Luminar doesn’t just change the sky – it relights the entire photo so the lighting and colors of the original image match the lighting and colors of the sky. All this is achieved without the need for manual selections, layers, masking, overlays, smart brushes, color ranges, etc. Luminar 4 handles it all. Its machine learning algorithm even selects the best orientation for the sky so it looks and feels realistic. All with one click.

If you want to know how the AI Sky replacement technique works you can read the original blog article from Skylum. Or watch the teaser video:

Skylum released a special landing page for the upcoming Luminar 4 with more details and explanations. It can be found here.

It’s been long time from the Luminar 2018 version, released on November 1, 2017. It was optimized for Windows, and Skylum made significant upgrades to improve the speed of the software.

You can pre-order the new version and save quite a bit with this LIMITED TIME OFFER from Skylum:

1. Luminar 4 + Signature Looks bundle for US$59 instead of US$138

2. Luminar 4 + Signature Looks + Luminar 3 bundle for US$99 instead of US$207

If you already own a previous version of Luminar you can Upgrade here.