Yesterday many people received email from B&H Photo Video that the New York Superstore have to start charging Sales tax starting from May 7, 2019. Nearly one year ago, the Supreme Court ruled that out-of-state retailers must collect sales tax on internet sales. B&H already charge sales tax for few states, like New York and New Jersey. Now the list is getting bigger, as it is not yet confirmed if all states will have to pay sales tax, or there will still be exclusions.

I personally did not receive email from B&H, so I can’t say if this is 100% legit but it seems it is. Here is the full text of

The email

Dear XXX,

Nobody likes to pay sales tax, but everyone must pay sales tax! B&H, and only B&H, has the solution to the sales tax issue.

Tomorrow, May 7th, B&H will be making a game-changing announcement, and as a loyal customer, I’d like you to be privy to some inside information in advance that will change your shopping experience forever.

Nearly one year ago, the Supreme Court ruled that out-of-state retailers must collect sales tax on internet sales. This, of course, included B&H. For 46 years we have been committed to providing unparalleled customer service, and so we began the tedious process of implementing a way to eliminate the impact this ruling would have on our customers.

We are now ready to launch “Payboo”, the solution to the sales-tax challenge. Tune in tomorrow for details on how to become a part of “Payboo”!

I know you have many shopping choices for creative gear and consumer electronics, but with “Payboo”, there will only be one best choice: B&H!

I look forward to a continued great business relationship and remember, at B&H, the customer always comes first. That’s why we’ve created “Payboo” to solve the sales tax impact for you.


Menashe Horowitz


On B&H website I have found the page for PayBoo card, which says that once you open a credit card with B&H and use it to pay for purchases made on B&H website, they will “instantly issue and apply a reward on orders made in our Super Store or shipped to eligible states right in checkout as a form of customer payment”.

It is now interesting to see if Adorama will follow with some similar program. I bet they will. Not sure if the rest of the smaller retailers – like Focus Camera, 42nd and 47th Street Photo, etc. will also think of some rewards program to compensate the sales tax. One is clear though – the small local retailers are finally put in more fair sales environment, and hopefully their number will continue to raise. Nothing better than strong competition, right?