Open Letter to Nikon

Few days ago Gunther Wegner published an open letter to Nikon. He is a well-known time lapse-, nature-, landscape and wildlife photographer, based in northern Germany. Gunther  is also originator and developer of the LRTimelapse. There he admires Nikon for finally acknowledging Time-Lapse photography. Gunther Wegner suggests some important updates that could be done in the future Nikon cameras to make the process of doing time-lapse easier and well-controlled. Gunter also suggests his help and expertise if Nikon are willing to use it.

Please read the full letter below:

Open letter to Nikon

What do you think? Do you agree with the points Gunter describes as important?

What is your workflow for time-lapse and what features yo would like to see in the future cameras that will help you to create time-lapses?