When the World Health Organization declared Covid-19 Pandemia the World became a quiet place. Empty streets, empty shops, empty restaurants, empty schools and offices. There were some differences around the world but the general approach was to keep social distance, to avoid gatherings of people, and all non-essential businesses were practically closed. Including the photography business. And while everyone switched to “survival” mode, following news on the TV, storing toilet paper and hand sanitizer, the photography companies used the time to evaluate their businesses, create new strategies, and build new products. A calm before the storm.

Half of the year passed and now we see the calm is about to end… it’s time for a storm. Of course I’m speaking about the photography industry, not the pandemic, although I wish it would have ended by now.

We have some Canon models that are about to launch soon – Canon R5 and R6, we have the long awaited Sony A7SIII coming, and we have news from Nikon as well – the updated Z6s and Z7s. Some lower end bodies have been rumored to be released soon too. Plus, all manufacturers are preparing some “mouth watering” lenses for us, starting with the new Sony G Master 12-24mm f2.8, which was already announced a few days ago. I told you… the storm is coming.

Of course I will cover the announcements as they come, plus I’m preparing for you some interesting new lens comparisons. But before the storm comes, let me share with you my thoughts. I’ll briefly discuss the top players on the market (R.I.P. Olympus).


What I expect from Canon is to shout it loud and proud: “we are the leader, and that’s how it’s going to be! Do you hear, Sony?” I think we will see two extremely good bodies, and R5 will be one of the most wanted cameras among all professionals – both photo and video. I expect all mistakes from Eos R to be corrected, and with the amazing RF lenses lineup Canon will be again the king of the jungle.


The camera that has been awaited for so long, A7S III, will finally come this summer, but the delay was so big that I doubt this camera will be accepted very positively. Why? Everyone will at least expect that it will compete well against the Canon R5, and I don’t think it will have 8k video and some other features Canon will offer. Of course, that doesn’t mean Sony will release a bad camera, just the long wait raised the expectations up to the stars.

I think Sony needs to do some major  changes to their future cameras and I hope they will start with the upcoming new S model. What changes? Well, the very first that come to my mind are improved body design, improved weather sealing, improved color science, improved menu system, and improved camera buffer. Until then, despite the technology advancements, they will follow.


The future updated cameras will fix some odd decisions Nikon made with their first generation Z6 and Z7 like the single card slot, the lack of connection to attach a battery grip, etc. Besides these updated cameras I expect Nikon to release at least one lower model, like Z5 and one higher model, like maybe Z8, or even Z9 to replace the flagship D6. They also need many, many Z lenses in order to compete with either Sony or Canon on the mirrorless market.


I don’t expect any dramatic announcement from Fuji soon, but maybe a new X-H2? In general I think Fujifilm positioned themselves in a very odd position by skipping full frame, brilliant idea and at the same time it can cost them a good portion of the market share, as full frame will be the dominating sensor size in the next at least 5 years I think. But maybe they can make the medium format faster, smaller and even cheaper to convince the audience to make the move.


It’s all good guys, you have made some nice stuff on the full frame mirrorless market, but hey… why are you so stubborn and not implement a PHASE detection auto focus??? Why?


What are you waiting for??? To hear Mozart’s requiem and follow Olympus? Just do something, please!


Still not the best, and still the most expensive… but maybe that’s what you want.

R.I.P. Olympus! 

You really had some good stuff.

I shared my thoughts and expectations. Let’s see if they will “happen” or will remain my wishes. Stay tuned…