Wish List

last updated on July 17, 2019.

The list below includes only Mirrorless cameras. We consider that although still very strong choice today, DSLR cameras will slowly fade in sales and popularity, so in our wish list we focus on Mirrorless cameras only. Please share with us what do you like to see updated in these cameras. Here is a link to a blog article, where you can post your commentary and suggest features you would like to see in this list.

Sony product logo
  1. Icon indicator when the camera is in APS-C mode
  2. Change AF point color from grey to Sony orange color (A9, A7RIII, A7III, A7RIV)
  3. Option to switch between faces when face detection AF is active (A9, A7RIII, A7III, A7RIV)
  4. Option to switch between eyes in eye detection AF (A9, A7RIV, A7RIII, A7III)
  5. Make grip deeper (A9, A7RIII, A7III, A7RIV)
  6. Improve weather sealing (A9, A7RIII, A7III, A7RIV)
  7. Add fully articulated screen (A7SIII)
  8. Add intervalometer and/or timelapse (A9, A7RIII, A7III)
  9. Be able to switch to crop mode while camera is recording on the cards. (A9, A7RIII, A7III, A7RIV)
  10. Add two UHS-II cards or XQD/CFexpress (all models, A7RIV)
  11. Add back-lit buttons (all models)
  12. Add integrated ND filter (A7SIII)
  13. Add 4k 60p 4:2:2 internal recording (A7SIII)
  14. Increase video bit-rate from 100mbps (A7SIII)
  15. Make camera slightly bigger (all E/FE mount, A7RIV)
  16. Add front Fn button/s (A9, A7RIII, A7III)
  17. Make battery bigger or optimise to be more power efficient (A9, A7RIII, A7III)
  18. Add top LCD screen (A9, A7RIII, A7SIII)
Canon product logo
  1. Add second memory card slot (EOS R)
  2. Add IBIS (EOS R)
  3. Add joystick (EOS R)
  4. Add multi-function dial on the left, not just ON/OFF (EOS R)
  5. Add 4k 60p 4:2:2 internal recording (EOS R)
  6. Add full readout 4k video (EOS R)
  7. Replace the hard to use multi-function bar (EOS R)
  8. Move the AF-ON button towards the center of the camera (EOS R)
  9. Allow to charge from any USB charger (EOS R)
  10. Make eye AF to work in AF-C (EOS R)
  11. Allow silent shooting in AF-C (EOS R)
  12. Make fast fps with AF (8fps works currently without AF) (EOS R)


Nikon product logo
  1. Add second memory card slot
  2. Add fully articulated screen
  3. Add back-lit buttons
  4. Improve battery life
  5. Increase buffer size
  6. Change rear dial position
  7. Add connectors for vertical grip
  8. Move the cluttered 4 bottom-right buttons to the left (if no articulated screen)
  9. Improve fps with AF between the shots
  10. Add 4k 60p 4:2:2 internal recording

Please join our discussion article and share your personal wish list for the current mirrorless cameras.